I like to share my experiences and little knowledge with the community, to contribute the design discourse and also learn from different points of view. Here's a little list of what I've been up to:
Set, 2020: Gave a talk at 'Typewknd' about 'Gender gap in Paraguay’s Design Industry'. Look it up in Youtube! my first talk fully on English :)
Jul, 2020: Released a report on Income within Paraguay's Design Industry (only available on Spanish) after months of research.
Dec, 1019: Gave a talk with Giselle Ramírez at 'UX Paraguay Meetup' called 'Improve Process Through Collective Views' 
May, 2019: Gave a talk Argentina at the 'Encuentro de Educación Tipográfica', about 'New Fonts and New Access Methods'.
Apr, 2019: Part of a panel at Ñahendú, to discuss 'Paraguayan Talent for Export'.
Oct, 2018: Talk at the 'Universidad Nacional de Asunción', to share with students my experience with 'Tales of the Weird' and the importance of 'Research within Design'.
Apr, 2018: Talk at the Universidad Columbia del Paraguay', about 'Paper within the Digital Era'.

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